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Carla brings over two decades of experience in residential design and development to offer her client's a personalized, professional service that amalgamates their vision and lifestyle with her expertise to create beautiful living spaces.  

Having lived abroad for fifteen years, and travelled extensively through Europe and Far East Asia, Carla brings an international appreciation of culture, diversity and sensitivity to her design work, effortlessly embracing a range of styling from highly traditional to contemporary environments. 

Her client's value her organized professionalism in combination with a warm, down to earth personality. Her ability to read their needs and style preferences with ease results in beautifully curated interiors that meet client expectations while executed with sharp attention to detail and  a well- developed colour sense.

Her strong emphasis on client-designer collaboration makes each project a unique and successful reflection of her client. She utilizes a well-established network of key vendors, trades and retail stores on her clients behalf, providing a highly personalized and reliable level of service.


She enjoys frequent travel, attending trade shows, galleries and spending time in nature to fuel her passion for current and inspired design work.

From each project inception to completion, whether a single room to entire home, Carla's work in all style parameters, provides her clients with versatile, functional and visually stunning results.